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I’m Kathleen!

Disney Geek. Food Aficionado. Follower of Jesus. NC State Wolfpack Class of 2015. Food Allergy Advocate. Shoe Hoarder. Fun-sized. Just trying to heal my mind, body and soul with nourishing foods. ☺ Come join me!


My interest in whole foods and the healing through nutrition all started a couple years ago during my sophomore year of college. After almost four years of chronic, misdiagnosed skin rashes, incompetent dermatologists (apparently what you eat has “no effect on your skin” – HA!), and a lifetime of GI issues that up until recently I assumed were normal, I made the decision to try to heal myself from the inside out. The summer before my sophomore year, I was diagnosed with a few food allergies – corn, apples, tomatoes and peanuts – and learned that my skin issues were greatly exacerbated by the presence of gluten in my diet. Since then, I have learned of sensitivities to almonds and milk proteins, and even sugar as well. Although I do the best I can to eliminate all trigger foods from my diet, I’m still a work in progress. Like any significant journey, my path to healing has no set direction – I still face major and minor setbacks and obstacles to my health all the time. However, the further I travel down this path, the more I learn about my personal nutritional needs and methods for healing. Each step down this road is a step in the right direction, and I look forward to getting closer and closer to optimum health every day.

*Note: All of the recipes on my website are free of the following: gluten, dairy, corn, peanuts, apples, and tomatoes!

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  1. Kathleen,
    The e-mail you gave me won’t go through. So I have to send you this through here! haha. Sorry.

    It was so great meeting you this past weekend at the GF and Wellness Expo here in Charlotte, NC. We were very glad to connect with wonderful people like yourself who believe in our products nutritionally and also enjoy eating them 😉

    Thank you for that wonderful shout out on your blog!

    We would love to stay in touch with you, and if there is anyway we can work with you please keep us in mind.

    Stay Healthy!


    Maria Guzman & Artisan Tropic Family

    704-771-6208- Cell


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