Disney Recap 2016: Old Key West Dining

This week, I’m sharing a series of dining reviews from my recent trip to Disney World. You can check out my reviews of days one, two and three, and stay tuned throughout the week for more food allergy “magic!”

Wednesday was our day off from the parks. Instead, we ate breakfast at the hotel, went to all of the fun Downtown Disney stores, and hung out at the pool with our cousins, who drove in from Tarpon Springs to see us.

IMG_0235Olivia’s Cafe is the table-service restaurant at Old Key West Resort. My good friend Sarah from Gluten Free & Dairy Free at WDW previously wrote some reviews about the breakfast options there (the sweet potato hash in particular), so I was looking forward to trying it out for myself. I knew I wanted to try the sweet potato hash before we got there (I mean, hellooo sweet potatoes and dippy eggs? Yes please!), but I had to make sure it was corn-free and tomato-free. And I ALMOST was tempted to get the Mickey waffles because I knew they were Kathleen-friendly, and Mickey Waffles are one of two things on my “Disney Trip Food Bucket List” each time I go (the other being allergy chicken tenders – more on that later). BUT I ultimately went with the sweet potato hash. It came with two pieces of gluten-free toast, which turned out to be Udi’s bread (I always make sure of the brand). This isn’t the first time that a Disney restaurant has given me Udi’s products, which is interesting because I know that the bread products contain corn ingredients/derivatives. Or at least, all the ones I’ve seen do. Is there a corn-free Udi’s line out there that I don’t know about? In any case, I didn’t eat the toast. The hash itself was great. I think the sweet potatoes were white sweet potatoes. They actually tasted kind of like regular potatoes, but were still delicious. Especially when I broke the yolks of the poached eggs on top and added hot sauce. Oh and I almost forgot to mention the coffee that came with breakfast – Joffrey’s Coffee. This brand can be found all around the parks and resorts. Joffrey might be a piece of work in Game of Thrones, but I do appreciate his coffee.IMG_0224

Most of the day was spent walking around downtown (and spotting Enjoy Life Foods’ Snacks with Character!) and lounging by the pool with our cousins. I’m not much of a pool person, so it was a great opportunity to catch up on my book (Side note: I read the Infernal Devices trilogy while I was in Orlando and I definitely recommend it) and hear about my cousin’s new summer project.


After the kids were done swimming, we got dinner at the quick-service restaurant nearby, called Good’s Food to Go. They had an allergy menu, which listed what I could have that was gluten, dairy, and peanut-free, but I asked to speak with the chef because a lot of the time, the allergy chicken tenders (which were what I wanted), are fried in the same dedicated gluten/dairy/peanut-free fryer with the french fries, which contain modified food starch (a corn derivative) in the seasoning. The cashier with the charming British accent got the chef for me, and he confirmed that this was true at Good’s. But, being the amazing Disney chef that they all are, he offered to bake mine in the oven to make them corn-free. Instead of the french fries, I got the carrots and grapes that came with the kids’ meals. The chicken tenders were definitely worth the extra time it took to bake them (which in all honesty, wasn’t long at all). I was so impressed at how accommodating they were at Good’s, and I got to check the allergy chicken tenders off of my list!

We ended the night at the Boardwalk, which is where we stayed last year. Everyone got ice cream from the new ice cream parlor that opened up, but the only dairy-free option they had was lemon sorbet. I’m not much of a sorbet  person, but if you are dairy-free and like sorbet, there is an option for you!

Stay tuned for my review of Biergarten at Epcot’s World Showcase, coming tomorrow!


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