Restaurant Review: Senza Gluten in New York City

This past weekend, I worked at Living Without’s GFFA Fest in Stamford, CT. It was my first time working for one of these events, and I had a great time! I love working longer events because Enjoy Life Foods gets to reach more consumers, and we get to experience more of the location that the event is in. Since Stamford is only an hour away from NYC, we decided to hop on a train and grab dinner in the city. I’d never been before, so it was a big deal for me! I got to see Grand Central Station and Times Square for the first time.


Last time Kayce was in the city, she ate at a 100% dedicated gluten-free place called Senza Gluten and had a fantastic experience, so we decided to go there again. It was packed when we walked through the door, but the owner was able to fit us in at a cute little patio table 15 minutes later (she was seriously the sweetest). Then, our waitress brought us waters and menus for us to look over. It was so awesome knowing that EVERYTHING on the menu was safely gluten-free, but since my allergies don’t lend themselves very well to Italian food, I was still a little worried I’d have very limited options.


The waitress we had was great. We told her we each had multiple allergies and she was able to give us plenty of helpful information straight away. I’m generally not a fan of pasta, but I do love gnocchi, and that was one of the specials for the day. Imagine my excitement when I found out that the gnocchi was one of the two pasta options that were corn and dairy-free?!? How lucky is that? I ended up ordering the portobello mushroom gnocchi tossed in olive oil instead of cream sauce, with some sauteed spinach and asparagus on the side. And not only did the waitress answer all of our questions, but then she repeated our allergies back to us, along with our individual modifications. She had it down to a tee! We were all incredibly impressed.

Heaven on a plate
Heaven on a plate

The food itself ended up taking a while to get to us because one of the orders was prepared incorrectly and they wanted to start that order over from scratch (the attention to detail and allergy safety was so remarkable). But we totally didn’t mind because we had some awesome gluten/dairy/corn free bread to nom on while we waited. Plus, with the fact that we were at a dedicated gluten-free restaurant and had the best service possible, it would have taken a lot to upset us.

FullSizeRender (31)

Fast forward to when we got our dinner. Y’all, that food was SO GOOD. My gnocchi was one of the best things I’ve ever eaten. For sure. I cut up the spinach and asparagus and mixed it in. It was delicious. My belly was happy. I was happy. Kayce and Wende were happy. It was just a wonderful experience all around!

I loved everything about our dinner at Senza Gluten. The customer service was top notch, from the waitress to the owner of the restaurant (who, by the way, personally came to our table to ask how our food was), and the food was incredible. Who would have thought that three people each with multiple allergies could get allergy friendly bread service, chicken parmesan, penne Pomodoro, and gnocchi, all tailored to fit our needs? This place is truly a hidden gem of New York, and next time I’m in the city, there is no question that I’m going back. Thank you to everyone at Senza Gluten who made our night amazing!


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