Raleigh GFAF Wellness Event Recap Part 1

After an awesome dinner at Primal Food & Spirits on Friday and an obligatory coffee run Saturday morning, I was all ready to take on the day. Between the coffee, and the natural high that I get during these expos, I had A LOT of energy. I’m normally a pretty quiet, introverted person, but I get extra talkative at these things because I’m just so excited.

All of my #glutenfree blogger/event swag! 😀

When I arrived, I was thrilled to recognize many of the vendors from the GFAF event in Charlotte that I attended in March, and to see a bunch of new, local products that I could try. I want to make sure that I mention everyone I want to, so I’m splitting this post up into 2 parts. Here are some familiar faces that I was super happy to see again:

NC State Food Allergy Support Group


Since the event was hosted on NC State’s campus, I was able to get the allergy club a booth. It was a great way to get our name out and make people aware about all the things that NC State is doing to help students with food allergies.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get many students, since it was move-in day on campus, but we were able to meet potential speakers and vendors to donate products that are local to the Raleigh area!

Jen Cuevas from Gluten & Grain Free Gourmet


Jen and I met last November at FACCWDW, and this is the 3rd time we’ve seen each other at an event. One of the coolest things about these events is that you start to see the same people over and over and build relationships. Jen and I have become good friends since last November (she calls me her GF bestie!), and I love her products. They are all gluten, grain and soy-free, and absolutely wonderful. She always makes sure to save me a box of her cashew butter chocolate chip cookies, which are my favorite. And this year, she added a sunflower seed butter cookie to the line-up! It was so great to see her again and hear her share her story at the event.

Artisan Tropic


Anyone who has read this blog is aware of my affinity for anything with plantains. This brand has THREE different flavors of plantain chips, plus cassava chips. Y.U.M. I met the Guzman family, the owners of the company, at the Charlotte event and they are some of the sweetest people you will ever meet. It made my day that they recognized me! And their chips are awesome. It’s great to find new companies that are passionate about providing good quality, minimally processed products. I’ve enjoyed their chips with guacamole, sunbutter, Roots hummus, and even crushed up and used on chicken! These chips never disappoint.

GF Mom Certified


Tiffany is another one of my good friends from the blogger circuit. I also met her in Charlotte, and soon became one of her affiliates. You may recognize her name from my reviews of her cookbooks, Kid Approved, and Celebrates Heritage. This time, I was able to hear her speak about birthday parties and food allergies (the lecture was called BYOC: Bring Your Own Cupcake…fantastic!). I was able to get to know her and her husband a little better this weekend, which I was really happy about.  They are so nice, and I love how dedicated they both are to the food allergy community and cause. Hopefully, I’ll be able to meet their adorable daughters in the future. 🙂

Tarah Jakubiak from Allergic Traveler


I think Tarah was one of my first contacts in the blogger circuit, and we have since become really close. I’ve done several guest posts on her blog, and she came to speak at a Food Allergy Support Group meeting last spring! As luck would have it, her booth was right next to the NC State booth. 🙂 I also heard her speak about her business (allergy chef cards in various languages) and her various travel experiences. I’m so glad there is someone like her around to help people with food allergies feel safe about seeing the world and not missing out on opportunities.

Mike from GoVeeg.com


I met Mike at the Charlotte event (okay, okay…just assume I met most of these people in Charlotte haha) when he was just getting started on his blog, Go Veeg (dedicated to the vegan lifestyle and wellness). Now, several months later, his site has officially launched! If you’re vegan, vegetarian, or just want to learn more about the lifestyle, go check it out!

Enjoy Life Foods


Of COURSE, I was stoked to go to this booth since I’m now officially a part of the Enjoy Life family! I just continue to fall more and more in love with their products and I’m so impressed with their dedication to quality and safety. I couldn’t be happier to work for them since they have been and continue to be my favorite company. I was able to catch up with my fellow ambassador, and friend, Kayce, and get excited for the semester full of events. I’ll be gone pretty much every weekend, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!


ALSO, shout-out to my mom and the Harris family for coming to the event! It was great to see you there. 🙂


Stay tuned for the second half of the event review which includes all the new people I met!



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