Raleigh GFAF Wellness Event – Primal Food & Spirits

Well, this weekend was fantastic. Going to gluten-free events is one of my absolute favorite things to do, especially as a blogger. This was my 4th event, and it was exciting to see old friends from the blogging community. And to be recognized for my own site! (I freaked out haha) Saturday was a jam-packed 7 hours of meeting vendors, listening to speakers, seeing old friends and making new ones. What a day. But the weekend really started on Friday night with the GFAF Wellness Blogger dinner.

This dinner was at Primal Food & Spirits in Durham, NC. I LOVE this restaurant because their kitchen is 100% gluten-free, and their menu items are easily adaptable for customers with multiple food allergies (like me and many of the other bloggers). One thing I love about this place is that they are so up front about the ingredients in their dishes. The drink menu marks gluten-free drinks, and lists what each kind of liquor is made of (ie. potato vodka v. corn vodka) which is REALLY helpful when trying to order a cocktail when you can’t have corn or wheat. The food menu is split up into small plates/salads, entrees, and sides, with a separate dessert menu, and lists each component of the dish.


I’d been there once before and had a great experience involving cocktails, bone marrow (yum), calamari, and kale. This time, I stuck with the small plates so I could try several things. I ordered the bacon-wrapped dates without goat cheese, the primal salad, and the kale again. I didn’t plan on getting a drink, but I did end up getting a raspberry lemonade which was DELICIOUS. Just like everything else I ordered.


Bacon-wrapped anything is fantastic, obviously. The dates were served with arugula and a sherry vinaigrette.  PS, all of their sauces are made in-house from real ingredients, with no corn syrup. Praise. The salad was interesting. I’ve never thought to put shaved coconut on a salad, but it was good. Although if I ever try it at home, I’m going to toast it first to give it more flavor. The coconut paired with the honey vinaigrette and the spiced almonds made for a good combination of sweet and salty. The kale was a reliable addition that added some extra green to my meal, and was also good. It had some sort of savory spin to it that I couldn’t quite pick out, but whatever it was, it was yummy.


Both times I’ve been to Primal, I’ve been very happy with my meal. It’s not often that I find a restaurant that has several options that I want to try AND that I can try, so I definitely plan on going back to try more things! Especially the desserts.

Stay tuned for a recap of the event itself!


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