Disney Recap 2015: Sunshine Seasons

This week, I’m doing a series of reviews of my dining experiences at Walt Disney World this summer, including Bongo’s Cuban Cafe, Le Cellier, Chef Mickey’s, and Rainforest Cafe!

Earlier this week I was thinking back through all the restaurants we tried and trying to figure out how to organize them into separate blog posts. Ultimately, as you can see, I decided to just give each restaurant it’s own post so I could go into more detail about each location. I figured I’d combine the two quick service restaurants into one post, but once I started writing, I decided to just split those up as well. I had too much raving to do. 🙂 #foodieproblems

Sourced from the Walt Disney World website
Sourced from the Walt Disney World website

ANYWAYS, the first quick service place I went to was Sunshine Seasons at The Land Pavilion in Epcot. I remembered seeing a bunch of Enjoy Life products there several years ago when I first found out about my allergies, and my good friend Sarah from Gluten Free & Dairy Free at Walt Disney World recommended it as a good allergy-friendly place, so we decided to go there. One nice thing about this place is that even though it’s set up like a food court with different stations, the entire menu (with pictures!) can be found in one place – which makes it much easier to decide where to go without getting in anyone’s way. I was in the mood for a salad, and the Quinoa Power Salad looked pretty good. I double checked with the chef to make sure it was okay for me to eat, and without the goat cheese (tear), it was Kathleen-friendly already! Excellent. 🙂

The salad itself was delicious, and included lettuce, quinoa, shaved brussel sprouts, cranberries, sliced almonds, chicken and a honey vinaigrette. Uhhh yum! I’ll definitely be making this at home. The cool thing about this place is that they use produce from their own gardens (which we toured right before lunch in “Living with the Land”) and the chef told me that all of their dressings are made in house! That means everything is fresh, clean, and corn-syrup free. I’m a huge proponent of local sourcing and farm-to-table restaurants, so it was great to see a place like Disney World doing what they could to support those ideas as well.

BONUS: I found four Enjoy Life Foods products while I was there! They were on a special shelf for food allergy products along with Surf Sweets candy. Obviously I had to get a cookie to go with my lunch. And I even got to practice for my new job as the brand’s newest ambassador by convincing the other customers at the shelf to try the products!

Not pictured: RiceMilk Crunch Bars!

If it wasn’t already obvious, I was very impressed with Sunshine Seasons. The staff were very helpful in answering my questions, and the entire facility does a great job providing good quality, safe foods for customers like me. I’ll definitely be going back!


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