Disney Recap 2015: Erin McKenna’s Bakery

Alright, this is (finally) the last review of my Disney trip this year, and I saved the best for last. You can find the rest of my reviews by clicking on my homepage.

So, 2015 marks the reintroduction of an extremely important component of Downtown Disney’s food scene….Erin McKenna’s Bakery. Oh, how I missed staring wide-eyed at all of the scrumptious, allergy-friendly sweets and treats and stocking up on an entire week’s worth of goodies in one trip.

For those of you who don’t know, the original Erin McKenna’s Bakery NYC (formerly known as Babycakes NYC) was established in (duh) New York in 2005 with the goal of creating and serving allergy-friendly, vegan, kosher and non-GMO treats. Now, it has expanded to include storefronts in Los Angeles and Downtown Disney, Orlando! Erin’s Babycakes Cookbook was one of the first gluten-free cookbooks I got after finding out about my allergies and intolerances (the chocolate chip banana bread is to die for, by the way). I remember the excitement of finding out that Babycakes was not just a book, but also an actual bakery located in my favorite place of all time. And, I remember being crushed when it closed a few years back. NOW, though, it’s back and better than before, newly located in Downtown Disney’s West Side right next to a snazzy hat shop.


Surprisingly, I didn’t go overboard with my purchases there (for once haha). When we stopped by the firt night, I got a couple of donuts for breakfasts (Those Entenmann donuts have been a Shannon Disney tradition for a while so I couldn’t miss out. Also, donuts that I can actually eat?! Holla praise). The first one was some kind of mocha/coffee flavor…I think it was called Mocha Coffee Crunch? Idk. But it was really good. Especially dipped in coffee. The second was a SAMOA donut. Yep, the best girl scout cookie flavor of all time in perfect, allergy-friendly donut form. I was thrilled. That one was also good dipped in coffee, FYI (I didn’t realize that refrigerating them would dry them out — oops. So they were a bit dry BUT the flavors were on point).


The second time we went, I got a chocolate cupcake with vanilla frosting (chosen for the purple color of the icing, no less) and a giant thin mint. Yep, gluten-free girl scout experience number 2. Thin mints weren’t my favorite back in the day, but I have since developed a greater appreciation for mint chocolate and this  one was awesome. Plus, it was the size of my hand. Bigger is always better when it comes to desserts that I can eat. Hands down. The cupcake was also good, but the thin mint won out as my favorite of all four products I tried.


My absolute favorite product from this bakery is the chocolate chip cookie icing sandwich. Originally, I was going to get one the first day. But then, I decided to get my not-breakfast stuff the second time. Mistake #1. And then, I thought I saw those icing sandwiches at the Erin McKenna’s section of the C-Store in our hotel, so I figured, why not just wait and get one on Friday morning for the car ride home? Mistake #2. They were not actually at the hotel like I thought they were. Sad. Life. So you can bet that next time I’m down in Disney (uhhh October!!!), I will be getting more than one haha.


For those of you that hung in there for the week’s worth of Disney Recap posts, thank you! For those of you who didn’t, no shame haha. I had the best time with my family at Disney this year, and I hope that by sharing my dining experiences, I can help others with food allergies get excited about all that Disney Dining has to offer.


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