Disney Recap 2015: Columbia Harbour House

This week, I’m doing a series of reviews of my dining experiences at Walt Disney World this summer, including Bongo’s Cuban Cafe, Le Cellier, Chef Mickey’s,  Rainforest Cafe, and Sunshine Seasons!

The second quick service restaurant we went to was Columbia Harbour House at Magic Kingdom. This restaurant, located right across the road from one of my favorites, the Haunted Mansion, has been a family favorite ever since I can remember. We usually make it a point to stop there at least once on our trip to enjoy the crispy chicken tenders, fish and fries that they’re known for. I haven’t been able to enjoy those for the past few years, unfortunately, but LUCKILY, Sarah told me that they now have an allergy menu and can always serve those allergy chicken tenders that I love so much, so this year I got to go back. Yes!

Sourced from the Walt Disney World website.
Sourced from the Walt Disney World website.

When I walked in, I asked the hostess about the allergy menu and she was super helpful. She knew all the answers to my questions about what kind of oil they use, if the fryers are dedicated, etc., which was fantastic. There were actually several options that I could eat on the menu, but I was already gunning for those chicken tenders and fries, so I didn’t even need to look.


After I ordered, the food took a little longer to be ready since they had to cook the allergy tenders separately. The staff was very apologetic about this, but it was no problem at all! I would wait for much longer than 15 minutes for good quality, allergy-safe food and I was over the moon that I could order it at a quick service location in the first place. When the food finally was ready, they gave me the allergy meal on a separate, different colored tray, and different shaped plate to indicate it was gluten and dairy free. This is such a good idea in general, and I was happy to see a place as large and busy as Disney World thinking of the little things like this.

Of course, the chicken was spectacular. It has been my goal to get those allergy chicken tenders every time I’m at Disney, and this year I got to have them twice! The fries were also great. It had been so long since I’d eaten fried chicken and french fries, so I wiped the plate clean. I’m so glad that I can enjoy a traditional favorite at this place again, and I can’t wait to go back!


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