Disney Recap 2015: Chef Mickey’s

This week, I’m doing a series of reviews of my dining experiences at Walt Disney World this summer. You can read my first review of Bongo’s Cuban Cafe here and my review of Le Cellier here!

We hadn’t been to Chef Mickey’s at the Contemporary Resort since before I found out about my food allergies, so I was looking forward to going back. Buffets are kind of fun because I like seeing food options before deciding what to get! I was hoping it would be a similar experience to when we ate at Crystal Palace last summer since the set-up is more or less the same.


When we got there, I notified the server of my food allergies and she sent the chef out to speak with me shortly after. But not before we got to meet MINNIE MOUSE! (Side note: I love that I’m still as thrilled to meet Disney characters even as an adult. I will never, ever grow up) Chef Alex was very, very helpful and led me around the buffet to show me what I could and couldn’t eat.


The salad bar was limited to lettuce, fruit, and potato salad since some of my allergies are not as common (apples, tomatoes), but honestly those were some of the best options there!  I ended up getting all three of those, and omg that potato salad was awesome. It was a German-style potato salad, so it was made with oil and vinegar instead of mayo. It was so good that I planned on getting more with my entree, but I ended up forgetting. Whoops, haha.


Speaking of entrees, there were quite a few options for me because they had a few kinds of carved meat and fish. The 5-year-old in me, though, was really hoping for those allergy chicken tenders I had at Crystal Palace last year, and Chef Alex was more than happy to make me some of those. I know, I know….opting for chicken tenders when there is roast turkey, salmon and roast beef on the menu? But guys, unless you don’t have food allergies, you just don’t understand the excitement of finding safe AND delicious breaded chicken. It’s just not that common! I paired it with white rice and a heaping pile of broccoli, so it made for an excellent meal. Those chicken tenders were just as wonderful as I remembered.


One thing I was pleased to learn about was that the chefs at the Contemporary make their own in-house gluten-free and vegan cupcakes. Chef Alex offered me one for dessert, but alas, I ended up not being able to have one because of the corn starch in the icing. I ended up asking for Rice Dream vanilla ice cream and some Enjoy Life cookies (gotta rep new job!). I am so glad that Enjoy Life cookies are at a lot of Disney restaurants because they are just so good. The chef even made my dessert cute! 🙂


Overall, I was thrilled with this experience. The service was fantastic, the food options were varied and delicious, and I just love character meals. It was great to see the five classic Disney Stars and goof off with my sisters. And to bond with Goofy, of course. New bae status.





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