Disney Recap 2015: Bongo’s Cuban Cafe

Last week was the best week of the year: aka, the week of my family’s Disney World vacation. My family and I are shamelessly obsessed with Disney, so it’s always a fun time. This year was one of my favorite vacations, from marathoning the Cheetah Girls movies on the drive down, going on rides, making faces at all of the ride cameras (yeah…we know where they all are…), to, of course, enjoying the amazing food that’s available at the Disney parks and hotels.

Since I graduated this year, I had a hand in picking out the restaurants we would try. The first night, we went to Downtown Disney (now Disney Springs) for dinner. I originally wanted to go to Paradiso 37, because we’ve never been, but since it was booked, we had to make do with Bongo’s.

HA. As if…Bongo’s is only my favorite Downtown Disney restaurant, so I was beyond stoked to go back! Particularly for the plantains and mojitos.


I ended up getting what I ordered back in November – vaca frita de pollo. It’s just pan-fried shredded chicken and onions, but man is it good (especially the crispy bits). The chicken was served with steamed rice, black beans (now gluten and tomato-free!), and maduros.  Everything was delicious, as was expected, and the service was great. I didn’t have to speak to the chef since I knew exactly what I wanted and what I could and couldn’t have, but the waitress was very helpful and knowledgeable about the menu.


Now obviously we couldn’t go to Bongo’s and not get the tostones as well, so we ordered some as an appetizer. Double the plantains! My genius sisters also found maduros con tocino on the menu – that is, plantains wrapped in BACON. Two of my favorite foods in the entire world all wrapped up into one delicious bite of heaven. Muy deliciosos. All three (yes, THREE) plantain dishes were excellent.



OH and I almost forgot that I also enjoyed a nice tropical mojito with my delicious tropical food. Best dinner ever? Yes, I think so.


Now if you’ll excuse me, all this talk of plantains is making me hungry for my dinner at Mami Nora’s tonight. Tostones and Yuca Fries are definitely happening.


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