GFAF Expo Recap 2

I hope y’all are ready for part 2! This time, I’m gonna talk about all the awesome food vendors and bloggers I met. There were a few familiar ones that I was happy to see, and a bunch of new ones as well!


One of my favorite new products is the granola, or should I say noGRAINola from Primal Paleo Concepts. Jessi was so friendly, and gave me a bag to sample so I could talk about it on here! This is a great gluten free option because it’s made of real food ingredients, and has a bunch of healthy fats and fiber. I try to make all of my original recipes using whole food ingredients because of my health issues, so I was happy to see a snack product that followed those guidelines. I’m super excited to make some homemade coconut yogurt and top it with this stuff!

Me and Carolyn from Enjoy Life!


Another real food brand I was excited to see was Simple Mills. I’ve seen these products at Whole Foods before, but never really looked into them because I usually don’t use baking mixes (a lot of GF ones have corn and dairy). These mixes, however, are primarily made of almonds and coconut flour! I can only have almonds in moderation because I have a sensitivity, but I’m glad to know that this is a product I can buy to make treats with. The chocolate, banana and pumpkin spice cake samples that Jenna was handing out were delish, but I personally can’t wait to try the pizza crust mix. It has cauliflower powder in it!

One of my absolute favorite brands that I discovered at the expo was a new company called Wildtree. Okay, so actually my mom found them first and brought me back to meet the representative and I’m so glad she did! Beth was one of the nicest vendors I met and she let me try several of her oils, spice mixtures, and sauces (the sweet and sour thai chili one was the bomb!). She and I had a great conversation and as a result, I will be featuring some of their products in upcoming recipes to help spread the word about her company! Now I have four different kinds of grapeseed oils to experiment with, so get excited.

So legit!
So legit!

In terms of bloggers, there was one in particular that I looked forward to meeting. Taylor Miller is a teenager who was diagnosed with celiac disease about 5 years ago and has since created his own blog and business called GlutenAway. He was at the FACCWDW back in November, but unfortunately I didn’t get to meet him then, so his booth was the first stop I made in Atlanta. It was great to meet him and his girlfriend in person and hear his lecture on dealing with celiac and gluten intolerance. Such an inspiration!

I was also very excited to meet Carly, from The Puzzled Palate. She writes about her family’s journey using a gluten-free diet to help her daughter’s Asperger’s. It’s always interesting for me to meet other people who are aware of the gut-brain connection, because that is something I find super intriguing. I also had the chance to meet her daughter a little later in the day, and she was wearing a crown! Definitely something I could relate to 🙂 Every girl should be a princess!

In all, I really enjoyed my time at this expo. It was definitely the most crowded one that I’ve been to, but it was a great experience and I’m so grateful that I’ve been able to attend these events and learn more about the world of food allergies and nutrition. Next expo stop: the GFAF Wellness Event in Raleigh, NC in August!


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